Rollout/Pullout Shelves

Home organization is important to utilizing a complete kitchen. Adding pullout shelves in the pantry or in the lower cabinets helps to clear the clutter and provides for proper space management. Pullouts are great for those of us with difficulty bending over or back issues. Why get in your hands and knees to see what’s in a lower cabinet when you can simply reach down and pull out the drawers to get access your items?

 We use quality materials in the contraction of our drawer boxes. The sides of our custom drawers are made from 5/8″ thick 11 ply Baltic birch plywood, while the bottoms of the rollout drawers are made from ¼” thick white melamine (great for easy cleaning).  The construction of every aspect of the drawers is top notch, and we guarantee our drawers to hold up to 100 pounds!



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